Renewable marine energies

Sustainable energy resources produced by the sea By mobilizing high expectations, particularly at the European level, renewable marine energies constitute a clear sustainable energy potential. However, considerable and diversified R & D investments are required to ensure technological, ecological and economic progress.

For each resource, its specific area of exploitation

Winds, currents, waves, tidal waves, biomass, thermal energy : each marine resource is associated with a specific socio-economic and geographical exploitation area. For example, part of the electricity needs of developed countries can be produced by offshore wind turbines as well as hydroelectric turbines, whereas a part of the energy requirements of tropical islands can be met by maritime thermal energy in combination with other technologies.

Technological innovation faces challenges

The keys to innovation are based on :

  • The reliability of components
  • Technological advances in fluid mechanics, hydrodynamics and energy (development of demonstrators)
  • Technologies transfer from offshore oil industry
  • Environmental integration of exploitation systems
  • New architectures ‘s design for the production of electricity.

Strategic challenges include :

  • A reduction in production costs
  • The reliability of production systems (power generation, transportation and storage)
  • The implementation of concerted and sustainable development policies.

Voluntary policies for emerging markets

Renewable marine energies represent an emerging market at the international level which will benefit from strong government commitments, to increase the share of renewable energy in the production of non-fossil energies.

Regional and national assets and synergy

France benefits from a high potential for experimentation and production due to the extent of its maritime littoral in Europe as well as in its overseas territories.Pôle Mer Méditerranée laboratories and companies represent a large range of recognized expertise especially in underwater robotics, the dynamic calculation of structures and fluids, tests, simulators, environment and biotechnologies.Pôle Mer Méditerranée has reinforced synergy by extending its territory of influence to the Languedoc Roussillon Region, Corsica and the ultra marine territories.

Les projets les plus récents

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