French WindWaveFloat

Projet en cours

Project leader VALOREM
Industrials partners ECA-EN, Principia, Principle Power, Valeol
Research partners Ecole Centrale Marseille, ICAM de Nantes
Budget 25 K€
Cofinanceur publics ADEME
Year of labeling 2010

Currently, the Mediterranean has a high potential for home parks FWWF both its port industries by its winds. Moreover, the concept appears as a floating alternative to wind posed to capture a lot of energy away from the coast and in deep water. Producing power at sea is, again, a solution to the supply of heavy drinking places along the shore. 

Courtesy of Principle PowerThis project was approved in January 2010, was submitted to the AMI led by ADEME in order to realize a demonstrator and monitor all behavior at sea (electric, hydrodynamic interactions natural environment, navigation, etc..) . Moored in four anchor lines, the project WindWaveFloat must prove the technical and economic feasibility of the hybrid system, the technology of tidal or will be chosen at the end of engineering studies. Discussions are underway to strengthen the partnership with shipyards and turbine manufacturer. The strength of this project lies in the synergy of know-how and dynamism of the different actors of coastlines.