Asset management system for navigational safety in and around offshore wind farms

Projet en recherche de financement

Industrials partners MOBILIS, SIGNALIS
Research partners CDMT, ENSM
Budget 6 000 K€
Year of labeling 2011

The AMARYLLIS project aims to offer a competitive mobile asset management system for craft (vessels, aircraft, personnel) moving within and around an offshore wind farm by providing an effective response to the problems of security and safety which arise during each phase of the life cycle of the field (design, installation, operation, development, decommissioning). Thus, the project proposes the development of a comprehensive control and management system for these new maritime spaces:

  • Specific marker buoys
  • Specific maritime traffic controls
  • Specific supervision
  • Specific surveillance
  • Specific method for action procedures

This will also take into account:

  • current and potential future constraints relating to international regulations
  • technological challenges in coping with the difficulties inherent in the use of existing facilities (accessibility, environmental conditions, MCO, radio frequency and hyper frequency interference (radar), the impact on other maritime traffic).

The project would also include a full-scale, 9 month trial in a wind farm.

It was submitted to the Grand Eolien AMI at the end of 2011.