Bubble Occurrence & Risk Attrition

The BORA project aims to develop a new generation dive computer.

Projet terminé

Project leader BF SYSTEMES
Research partners CNRS (LMA)
Budget 811 K€
Cofinanceur publics RAPID DGA / DGCIS Plan
Year of labeling 2010
Year of co-financing 2010


Each year around the world, thousands of divers are victims of diving accidents, the best known and the most serious is called decompression sickness. This occurs when a diver has moved from deep water towards the surface in too short a time: it is a result of nitrogen bubbles from dissolved gas which are accumulated in the tissues of divers during the dive. The symptoms of decompression sickness should be taken seriously: the spectrum ranges from simple joint pain ("bends") to paralysis or even death. The BORA project aims to develop a new generation of "customised" dive computer for the prevention of decompression accidents. The goal is to create a benchmark of excellence in the field of dive computers and take its place among the world leaders in this market.