New Generation Passive Acoustic Sensor

This project aims to develop a new type of new generation, broadband, passive acoustic sensor (CAP-NG) which can be integrated into current standard equipment (e.g. acoustic buoys for naval aviation), or allowing, thanks to its increased performance, the development of new listening functions (e.g. acoustic barriers, protection of marine mammals).

Projet terminé

Project leader CHRISAR Software Technologies
Industrials partners CESIGMA
Research partners ISEN
Budget 637 K€
Cofinanceur publics PACA Regional Council, OSEO
Year of labeling 2007
Year of co-financing 2007


It is an intelligent sensor which combines the power of physics and electronics and whose performance aims are to achieve a minimum of 20 dB improvement in signal to noise ratio compared with the same range of current sensors, commonly used in passive omnidirectional listening.

This improvement is particularly exceptional and sensors currently on the market and manufactured by foreign companies (U.S., UK), do not reach this level.