The GREENAR project is based on an observation: acoustic sensor networks deployed in underwater or aerial domains are complex, heavy and expensive and have a very narrow potential range of uses.

Project leader OSEAN
Industrials partners Cyberio
Research partners Grenoble-INP, CNRS , Université Joseph Fourier, Université Stendhal (GIPSA-LAB)
Budget 1 694 K€
Cofinanceur publics RAPID DGA / DGCIS
Year of labeling 2010
Year of co-financing 2011


The GREENAR project objective is to completely rethink sensor network technology working in parallel on two issues: the lack of communication standards and the overall optimization of energy consumption. We therefore propose two innovations that complement each other perfectly to achieve a model of sensor networks which are more economical, autonomous, with a wide range of uses with immediate application potential in the field of underwater surveillance and in the census of mammal species on the Red List of threatened species: marine mammals and bats. We expect a reduction in energy consumption by a factor of 10 compared to current state of the art technology and at the same time we offer an innovative standard for sonar network communications.