I2C (European Project)

Global monitoring system for regional maritime areas and detection of offenders

The I2C integration project recommends, by 2015, the creation of a new generation of integrated monitoring system for maritime boundaries in order to monitor movement of ships and identify suspicious behaviour and associated threats.

Projet en cours

Project leader DCNS
Industrials partners Rockwell Collins, Furuno, Techcom Services, Kongsberg, Spacetech, Clearpriority, Zeppelin, Meteosim, Ajeco, Airshipvision, Ecomer, Intuilab, Sofresud, E. Van Hooydonk.
Research partners Armines, CNRS, INP Toulouse, Université Paul Sabatier, Université Toulouse (IRIT)
Budget 9 870 K€
Cofinanceur publics EU via FP7
Year of labeling 2009
Year of co-financing 2010

The system is made up of:

  • A land based platform merging new technologies such as FMCW radar sensors to monitor small vessels (two prototypes are being tested), AIS stations and coastal radars. This permanent platform will continuously monitor maritime traffic up to 200 nautical miles
  • Embedded sensors on mobile platforms. Four equipped platforms are deployed: aircraft, ship patrols, USV and Zeppelin
  • A capacity to detect abnormal behaviour of ships
  • A capacity to identify a threat quickly and give information to the authorities allowing decisions to be made.