Maritime Warning and Protection System

The project aims to develop a system to equip civilian or military ports with warning, intimidation and neutralization systems when faced with suspect vessels entering a restricted area.

Projet terminé

Project leader CS Systèmes d’information
Industrials partners Etienne Lacroix, CESIGMA, Navfco
Research partners USTV (Laboratoire SNC)
Budget 3 072 K€
Cofinanceur publics FUI (Single Interministerial Fund) and PACA regional authorities
Year of labeling 2007
Year of co-financing 2008

The objective of the system is to provide a graded level of reaction proportionate to the threat, without mortal danger and most importantly, one that can be implemented in a few seconds over an area of 1km², thus making it particularly effective.

The project includes innovative developments in the automation of the detection / warning / reaction chain that simplifies operational management of the system. In many cases its implementation is easily possible, contrary to conventional protection which requires a large number of qualified personnel. Finally, the system can initiate a non-fatal reaction without exposing the operator.

This system has four main functions:

  • Day and night detection of craft moving in restricted areas
  • Warning by ultra-directional audio message and ultra-directional nocturnal lighting
  • Intimidation by launching non-lethal pyrotechnics
  • Physical blocking of the threat by non-lethal means.

The project has been the object of an actual demonstration under extreme weather conditions on the site of St. Elmo in La Seyne sur Mer which was made available to the consortium by the Navy. The entire chain has been successfully tested: the detection of moving targets with incremental responses: in the form of focused lighting, audio messages and pyrotechnic effects (e.g. deafening effects).