Underwater communication using Mills Cross parameters

The PARAMILLS project is intended to model, specify, design, build and test on a full-scale an innovative and efficient underwater acoustic communication modem.
The aim is to transmit data between two mobile underwater devices, one of which is an AUV.

Projet en cours

Project leader IXWAVES
Industrials partners ECA, Semantic-TS, Ixsea, ICAM
Research partners Ifremer, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Budget 2 890 K€
Cofinanceur publics FUI (Single Interministerial Fund) and PACA regional authorities
Year of labeling 2010
Year of co-financing 2010

 The project focuses in particular:

  • On the creation of a "pointable" and stabilized antenna
  • On the creation of a modem incorporating spatial dimension into its operation (management of beams, acoustics, Mills Cross theory)
  • On the testing of this modem in a realistic configuration
  • On the establishment of its performance (target: doubling the throughput of COTS modem models)