Protection of European boRders and SEas through intelligent Use of Surveillance

PERSEUS is a demonstration project as part of the EU FP7 initiative which aims to anticipate the EUROSUR European organisation of monitoring systems for maritime borders coordinated by FRONTEX.

Projet en cours

Project leader INDRA (Espagne)
Industrials partners DCNS, SOFRESUD, Cassidian, Engineering Ingenerialnformatica, Isdefe, Saab, Demokritos, Intuilab, Laurea, Satways, Ajecco, LuxSpace, Meteosim, SES Astra, Airbus Military, NMCI, Skytek, Boeing Research and Technology Europe, INESC, AjecoOy
Research partners NURC, Ministère de l'Intérieur (France), Guardia Civil (Espagne), ForçaAereaPortugal , Hellenic Coast Guard (Grèce), Hellenic Ministry of Defense (Grèce), National Maritime College Ireland (NMCI), Data Fusion Research Centre (Suisse), PRIO (Norvège)
Budget 43 000 K€
Cofinanceur publics EU as part of the FP7
Year of labeling 2011
Year of co-financing 2012

This project proposes the creation of a network of existing systems Spationav (France), Sive (Spain), Sivicc (Portugal) & Sia (Italy) and includes innovative capabilities such as intelligent holding position, detection of suspect vessels and / or small ones, as well as tools for identifying threats. The project will also integrate the use of space technology as a means of detection.

The ultimate goal of the project is to demonstrate the added value of information sharing and capacity utilization in decision support through the creation of multi-national exercises at sea.