Processing and authentication of threats and risks at sea

The TAMARIS project aims to study, develop and test a prototype that will allow experts to help authenticate the nature of the threat associated with abnormal events which have been detected.

Projet terminé

Project leader DCNS
Industrials partners Intuilab, Ecomer
Research partners ONERA, Armines, CDMT, BEA MER (opérateur), DNRED (opérateur)
Budget 1 800 K€
Cofinanceur publics ANR
Year of labeling 2008
Year of co-financing 2008

TAMARIS is focused on the traceability of a series of alerts which categorize suspicious behaviour and an electronic investigation case file that will, as the situation evolves, reinforce its classification of suspicious behaviour. For example, the detection of a collision generates an alert which is sent to TAMARIS to authenticate the corresponding threat level.

The TAMARIS project uses an innovative methodology, external information and aid tools to help experts to confirm or refute the on-going interpretations postulated from a sequence of correlated alerts that correspond to suspicious behaviour. This analysis then feeds into standardized electronic investigation case files which with each update are transmitted in near real-time to a decision-making authority to inform them of developments in the situation or in final form at a later time to investigators. Depending on the nature and imminence of the threat, the authority may decide to intervene.

This investigation case file is displayed on a touch screen table that allows different experts to work together directly and interactively. A club of end users including the Cross Gris Nez, BEA sea, Bureau Veritas and the office for National Maritime Affairs was established to monitor the development of the project.