SYstem for automatic REcognition of ship movement in marinas

Projet terminé

Project leader INSILIO
Industrials partners CS, Micro-Be
Research partners USTV (PROTEE)
Budget 720 K€
Cofinanceur publics PACA Regional Council and OSEO
Year of labeling 2006
Year of co-financing 2006

The SYREN project aims to develop a «low cost» solution for tracking boats in marinas.

This solution should specifically give:

  • An increase in the security of goods and people (theft from the sea)
  • Confidence in an improved management and activity in marinas – boats permanently “parked up” (application of the Maritime Code) / improve occupation levels.

The system is based on automatic reading and pattern and character recognition (OCR):

  • Cameras, lighting
  • Movement detectors and real-time processing of video streams provided by the sensors.