DEPOLlution through the use of geoTEXtiles

Projet en cours

Project affiliated to:
Project leader IDRA Environnement
Industrials partners Dylco Afitex, Baudelet, NEO Eco, Nordlys SAS, TOTAL, DYLCO
Research partners Armines, ENSAIT, IFTH, Université de Sciences et Technologies de Lille
Budget 3 413 K€
Cofinanceur publics French Interministerial Single Fund and Local Authorities
Year of labeling 2009
Year of co-financing 2010

Geosynthetic materials are already widely used in geotechnical and civil engineering fields.

They have several characteristics making them useful for separation, different types of filling material, filtration, and drainage, mechanical protection for materials, ground reinforcement or other construction materials and in the fight against surface erosion.

Grafting certain molecules onto the surface of geotextiles would bring further functionality, for example the capture of heavy metals through the use of ion exchange.

The aim of the DEPOLTEX project is the design of effective geotextiles with remediation functionality for sediment and mud polluted by heavy metals.

The idea is to associate specific properties to the textiles in order to control immediate risks better (during the dredging and stocking phase) but also to control risk of future diffusion and dispersal of pollutants over time.

This project is complementary to the SEDIMED project and the Rade de Toulon is also involved in the group of end users.