Marine Protected Areas and Fishery Management through the Optimisation of Resources and Ecosystems

Marine Protected Areas are an important tool in the protection of critical habitats for reproduction and growth during juvenile ecophases.

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Project leader IRD
Research partners Centre de Recherches Océanographiques de Dakar, Institut Mauritanien de Recherches Océanographiques et des Pêches, CNRS/University of Montpellier 1&2/Ifremer/IRD (ECOLAG), Ifremer Nantes, Cemagref (Cestas), Agrocampus Rennes,, Centre d’économie et d’éthiq
Budget 4 341 K€
Cofinanceur publics ANR
Year of labeling 2007
Year of co-financing 2007

They play an important role in the conservation of biodiversity. Their scientific effectiveness for fishery purposes is yet to be demonstrated, the AMPHORE project aims:

  • To define biological, ecological, economic and social indicators for the purposes of managing fishing within the ecosystem
  • To test the true effectiveness of MPAs and evaluate economic activities and the benefits of ecosystem, trophodynamics, bio-economic multi-agent modelling
  • To define the decision making processes which direct the creation of MPAs and to define regional policies based on the notion of a network of MPAs.

Calibration of indicators will be done by analysing historical data (two French estuaries) and benchmarking (6 African estuaries). The effectiveness of MPAs, the analysis of decision-making and governance mechanisms will be studied based on reserve size and age variables, located in France (3) Mauritania (1) and Senegal (1).