Industrial development of microalgae grown in mixotrophic culture

Projet en cours

Project affiliated to:
Project leader FERMENTALG
Industrials partners Rhodia, Lactalis, Pierre Guérin, Sanders
Research partners Service de Biologie Végétale et de MicroBiologie Environnementale/CEA, CRITT Bio-Industries, ITERG
Budget 13 500 K€
Cofinanceur publics OSEO/ISI
Year of labeling 2011 - Colabellisé par le Pôle Trimatec
Year of co-financing 2011


The EIMA project objective is to mass produce molecules of interest through anaerobic digestion and development of carbon substrates (industrial by-products) by microalgae.

The R&D project strategy is based on a differentiated and original approach to define the following continuum for each molecule of interest: a variety, a substrate, an optimized production process, an application.

The EIMA project aims to produce molecules of interest from microalgae grown in a mixotrophic culture which is predominantly heterotrophic (that is to say, primarily using energy from carbon substrates, in addition to the provision of light).

The aim, therefore, is a dedicated development and production process to maximise the value from industrial by-products, primarily on the production site.