Facteur 4

Improved performance of non GMO microalgae

Projet en cours

Project affiliated to:
Project leader IFREMER
Research partners INRIA, UPMC
Budget 5 600 K€
Cofinanceur publics ANR
Year of labeling 2012 - Colabellisé par les Pôles Mer Bretagne et Trimatec
Year of co-financing 2012

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Just as the progress that it has encouraged for centuries in agriculture, the selection of strains or original microalgae populations with strong potential for targeted applications is a major challenge for the future of the industrial exploitation of these organisms.

In non GMO selection, the potential for experimenting is extremely broad in terms of possible improvements: productivity, tolerance, molecules produced.

The Shamash project has achieved one of the first varietal selections from microalgae.

This programme highlighted which path to focus on for selection techniques/possible mutations, faced with the diversity of types and species of microalgae; it has also doubled the lipid productivity of a strain of Isochrysis galbana.

The methods developed have shown the adaptations necessary which need to be extended to various microalgae.

Marking specific biological characteristics should be tested and needs to be better understood in order to maximize the potential, and similarly, the selection step requires technical choices and an in-depth understanding in order to select according to the desired criteria.

Factor 4 aims to develop a multi-faceted strategy that will seek to establish the basis of a production chain of selected autotrophic microalgae and try to bring together the necessary elements for the mutation techniques, marking, selection, screening and isolation.

The challenge is to find an alternative production of robust strains, aiming for a quadrupling of potential in the strains derived from an algae collection.

With this innovative approach this project will position us as an international leader.