Towards a new generation of biofuels and microalgae products: an Institute of Excellence on carbon-free energies as part of the French Stimulus Initiative

Projet en cours

Project affiliated to:
Project leader INRA
Industrials partners Air Liquide, ACRI, EADS, FERMENTALG, GREENSEA, IDEE Aquaculture, La Compagnie du Vent, PSA, Rhodia, VEOLIA, Alfa Laval, Algaestream, Algenics, Algu'Innov, Bioalgostral, Eco-Solution, Envolure, Microphyt, Naskeo Environnement, Ondalys, Roquette, Sofiprotéol, Soliance, Solvay, Suez Environnement, TIA, Total
Research partners CEA, CNRS , IFREMER, Inria, IRD, Université Montpellier 2, Université Pierre et Marie Curie
Budget 160 000 K€
Cofinanceur publics ANR dans le cadre des Investissements d'Avenir
Year of labeling 2011 - Colabellisé par les Pôles IAR et Trimatec
Year of co-financing 2012


GreenStars, winner of the call for proposals under the French Stimulus Initiative "Institute of Excellence on carbon energies", is a collaborative group which brings together those involved in the development of micro-algae in France. Its primary objective: to develop, by 2020, compounds of interest such as efficient biofuels and molecules with a high added-value attributable to micro-algae, using CO2 emissions and nutrients contained in waste. Led by INRA in collaboration with 45 partners (public research organisations, businesses, local authorities, clusters), GreenStars aims to position itself within five to ten years as one of the top institutes of excellence worldwide in the field of microalgae bio-refinery.

The GreenStars Institute of Excellence was designed to allow France to have an industrial overview of the whole production chain and be a major player with an international reputation.

In order to achieve this, the new national network of collaborative platforms incorporates the expertise and technologies of the best teams in French public research within all the scientific concepts involved, innovative SMEs on all recyclable products and major groups with a strong interest to uphold prime positions in international markets.

GreenStars has three major advantages: it brings real innovation capacity, and will be equipped with high quality infrastructure with substantial technological resources and will bring together highly representative players in this field.

In fact all competencies in the sector are represented: from the physiology and genetics of microalgae to the optimization of culture conditions, as well as the extraction of products of interest, and not to mention the inclusion of eco-design and modelling and numerical simulation, social acceptability and economic analysis.

Finally, once results have been obtained, there is the potential for the generation of jobs and new opportunities in many industries.

GreenStars will also contribute to engineering skills training that will be needed for the future to ensure the building of a solidly sustainable industry on these issues.

From 2016, GreenStars will have high tech industrial demonstrators that will facilitate the construction of an economically and environmentally viable model.