Shared platform "New Energies - H2"

Projet en cours

Project affiliated to:
Project leader Institut de Biologie Environnementale et de Biotechnologie - CEA, INSA TOULOUSE, CEA GRENOBLE, IBPC PARIS, GENOSCOPE
Research partners UNIVERSITE D'AIX MARSEILLE, Fédération de Recherche ECCOREV, BIP (CNRS, Marseille)
Budget 400 K€
Cofinanceur publics Etat et Conseil Régional PACA dans le cadre du CPER 2007-2012
Year of labeling 2008
Year of co-financing 2008


The Heliobiotec platform aims to set up a European wide centre of competence and innovation on biofuel production (bio hydrogen, biodiesel) from microalgae, which will be based in the PACA region. By providing high level scientific equipment to research teams from the Institute of Environmental Biology and Biotechnology at the Cadarache Research Centre, the Heliobiotec platform will support potentially highly innovative research into hydrogen production and second generation biofuels.

The HelioBiotec platform will make scientific equipment available to the regional scientific community:

  • a mass spectrometry technical platform for the analysis of gases (including hydrogen) and isotope tracing,
  • a technical platform of photobioreactors and cultivation systems designed for the study and optimization of photosynthetic organism performance,
  • innovative imaging and flow cytometry techniques for high throughput screening of interesting strains,
  • culture chambers under controlled conditions for the cultivation of photosynthetic organisms,
  • a cryobank of photosynthetic microorganisms including banks of labelled mutations,
  • a set of separation techniques (GC/MS, UPLC/MS, ...) for the analysis of metabolites of interest (intermediaries in the biosynthesis of high-energy molecules, compounds with high added value).

The HelioBiotec platform will be set up in the Institute of Environmental Biology and Biotechnology at the Cadarache Research Centre.

In order to improve its visibility and appeal, a second phase will see its relocation to new offices in a future Energy City which will be set up near to the Château de Cadarache (provisional date 2015).