Acoustic Monitoring System for aquaculture sites

Projet en recherche de financement

Project affiliated to:
Project leader Semantic TS
Research partners USTV-EB2M
Budget 650 K€
Year of labeling 2009

The project is studying the feasibility of a monitoring system for aquaculture sites against underwater intrusion by surface swimmers. The proposed principle is that of a conventional alarm system and consists of a central system and sensors. A number of submerged sensors detect an underwater intrusion. These sensors are connected to a control PC. This acquires, digitizes and processes the signals. It infers distance from the sensor instead of from echoes and can with the aid of this data, create an underwater map. It will eventually trigger alarms. With acoustic radar sensors and optical cameras, optical and radar images it can then complement the underwater mapping. The information gathered by the control PCs is sent to land by cable, radio or telephone to staff and / or managers responsible for security. A history of images is stored on the control PC. This archive must meet the following two requirements:

  • In case of alarm: retrace the route of the intruders
  • In case of a problem found on a cage: allow an expert review of information up to several months earlier