Marine environment and coastal planning

The Mediterranean Sea is home to vast resources whose sustainable exploitation represents a major challenge and offers a wide diversity of ecosystems which it is essential to maintain.

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Coastal areas are attractive and have high density human populations which require customized organization specifically for coastal developments. On average these areas have five times denser populations than other regions. The strong human impact associated with climate change increases the effect of natural threats.

A vast range of intervention

This action targets the development of products and services to manage and sustainably develop coastal and marine areas. It includes monitoring of environmental quality, prevention of environmental risks, services tailored for tourist activities, information for the citizen’s observatory, the sustainable design and implementation of coastal developments and ecological coastal engineering.

Market potential equal to the challenges

European and national regulations for environmental protection are gradually being imposed on coastal development projects as well as on coastal and marine activities. In order to meet these challenges new ideas and new fields are developing, specifically:

  • metrology and instrumentation,
  • operational oceanography,
  • protection of natural areas,
  • user services,
  • eco-citizen observatories,
  • participative science,
  • smart, multi-functional, integrated developments,
  • eco-design of coastal structures,
  • ecological engineering.

Over the last twenty years the market for monitoring the quality of the marine environment has continued to grow. In France, this market represents 50 Euros million per year, and 80 million Euros in the medium term with the implementation of the MSFD. Globally, the market for environmental instrumentation is estimated at 9 billion Euros, an increase of 10% per year

Sustainable coastal development and coastal engineering are emerging markets.

Innovation to monitor, develop and restore

In terms of metrology innovations relate to on-site sensors which include biotechnology and new information technology, light vehicle (gliders, AUV, mini ROV…) and the creation of mixed data bases. The various projects for reconfiguration or creation of ports along the Mediterranean coasts represent opportunities for the development of innovative solutions.


In partnership with the Ministry of Ecology and the Water Agency for Rhône-Méditerranée-Corse, the Pôle is participating in the emergence of the ecological coastal engineering sector. Those companies, laboratories and training centres involved in these projects have a global level of excellence and are beginning to export their expertise.

The directory of the Mediterranean’s Ecological Coastal Engineering sector is available on our website.

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