Ecotechnology of artificial groundwater recharge with recycled water

Projet en cours

Project leader VEOLIA
Industrials partners SOGREAH, GRS Valtch, Solexperts France
Research partners BRGM
Budget 1 949 K€
Cofinanceur publics DGCIS as part of its Eco-Industries Call for Projects
Year of labeling 2009
Year of co-financing 2009

Pressure on water resources is set to increase across the globe. In this context, recycled waste water becomes an inevitable alternative resource and the artificial recharge of groundwater from this source will play a central role. However, many obstacles; technical, regulatory or psychological need to be overcome before this technique becomes widespread.

The objective of this project is to define the economic, environmental and sanitary impact and the technical implementation (design and engineering) of controlled innovative purifying systems.

These systems are based on the implementation of permeable reactive barriers, adapted for the artificial recharge of coastal groundwater supplies that have been impacted by salt water contamination through treated waste water. These systems consist of trenches built for the treated waste water to infiltrate and where the reactive material’s purifying capability is completely controlled. These innovative permeable reactive barriers as they are known have been engineered with specific combinations of materials depending on the geological structure and the local hydrogeological situation and taking into account the quality of the water to be purified and the environmental and social constraints.

This is why this project aims to combine expertise, sanitary and environmental studies and social acceptability.