Strategic management of coastal defences for the sustainable development of Mediterranean coastal areas

Projet en cours

Project leader Région du Latium
Budget 7 100 K€
Cofinanceur publics EU - Programme INTERREG IIIB
Year of labeling 2009
Year of co-financing 2009

BEACHMED-E (2005/2008 - INTERREG III C South) is the most important European applied research project on the coastal area, combining the work of 47 public institutes. It is a research programme focused on the use of new technology to achieve accurate and regular tracking of the coastline, and on the development of new coastal management methods taking both the natural and the socio-economic aspects of this area.

The Hérault Department is coordinating 14 different research bodies and institutes as partners on this project, the largest of these being the EID Méditerranée, BRLi, the CETMEF and the universities of Montpellier, Perpignan and Pau. Amongst the 47 partners are Italian, Greek, Spanish and French public scientific institutes spread across the regions involved.