Design and Immersion of artificial reefs to restore the Cystoseira habitats

The shallow littoral zone, between 3 and 15 metres deep is extremely vulnerable and heavily impacted by human activity: alterations, usage (fishing) or pollution. The main objective of this project is to restore the sea beds where sea grasses have been damaged by these activities.

Projet en cours

Project leader ECOMERS - Université de Nice
Industrials partners ACRI In, Neptune Environnement
Budget 260 K€
Cofinanceur publics Agence de l’eau Rhône Méditerranée Corse
Year of labeling 2012
Year of co-financing 2012


This project involves the design of artificial reefs which support Cystoseira, in order to create shallow water habitats between 3 and 15 metres deep to restore the particularly rich habitat of the Mediterranean: the Cystoseira forests.

The different phases of the project are:

  • The design of light modular reefs tested in wave channels to evaluate their hydrodynamic resistance.
  • The immersion of reefs in two pilot zones (Fishing areas of Cap Roux, Var, and the Principality of Monaco).
  • The transplantation of Cystoseira: Cystoseira are fixed on the upper plate of each module.
  • Monitoring of the colonisation of the reefs and assessment of their effectiveness as a new habitat.

The ECOMERS laboratory is recognised internationally for its expertise in ecological functioning, the trophic role, the nursery function and the transplantation of Cystoseira forests.