Design of a sequential online and uninterrupted multi-parameter instrument for measuring toxins

Projet en cours

Project leader CEA Cadarache / LBC
Industrials partners AP2E
Research partners CNRS , INSA Lyon, Ecole des Mines d'Alès
Budget 1 000 K€
Cofinanceur publics ANR
Year of labeling 2011 - Colabellisé par les Pôles Risques et Lyonbiopôle
Year of co-financing 2012


COMBITOX is a research project which aims to develop an integrated, autonomous and transportable system for the rapid, low cost detection of multiple pollutants by non-specialists.

The objective of this project is the design of a multi-parameter, online and uninterrupted measuring device. It aims to develop and optimise biodetection modules from existing technology from academic research laboratories and transfer them into online measuring devices with the collaboration of AP2E. An on-site prototype will then be installed at the South Luberon water pumping station. A market study will then adapt the performance to the different requirements of the water industry.

This tool will allow the biodetection of bioavailable toxic compounds and micro-organisms that can impact human health through drinking water, affecting livestock water supplies (aquaculture. ..), the environment or the ecology of the biological stages at treatment plants. Monitoring of water systems (potable and waste) is central to this project. This system could be deployed particularly in the context of monitoring related to emerging threats such as bioterrorism.