Detection of Ostreopsis Ovata along the coastline by Airborne Imaging

Projet en recherche de financement

Project leader LOV - Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche
Industrials partners ACRI IN, LIGHT TEC
Research partners AIEA
Budget 798 K€
Year of labeling 2010

For ten years, favourable climatic conditions have probably allowed the proliferation of Ostreopsis cf. ovata in the Mediterranean, primarily in France, Italy and Spain. Faced with the health risks of these toxic algae, bans on bathing and the consumption of local products from the sea were implemented in the PACA region. This project is part an observational alert scheme, with the development of a hyper-spectral sensor carried by a tethered balloon permitting daily detection and mapping of the Ostreopsis bloom. After a period of adaptation of the camera for the balloon, an imaging campaign will take place during the summers in the Bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer, in conjunction with bio-optical measurements taken on site to validate the system and obtain an initial mapping of risk areas during the bloom period.