New interactive services for the coastal environment

Projet en recherche de financement

Project leader ACRI St
Industrials partners VEOLIA
Research partners Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche, R.I.M.M.O
Budget 364 K€
Year of labeling 2010

E-OBS is to develop a new monitoring network based on civilian participation in monitoring the water quality and biodiversity of the coastal zone.

Based on an internet platform for exchanging information on the presence or absence of jellyfish in bathing waters, with contributions from sea users, this project aims to exploit "smart phone" technology by developing an application to collect information from eco-citizens and develop the concepts and techniques of developing and assimilating different kinds of information to achieve a reasoned and qualified description of the state of the environment.

The project builds on several existing civilian monitoring services for optimising collection of litter at sea or on the beaches, for indicating the presence or absence of jellyfish in the sea and along the coast, or for the monitoring of marine mammals.