Real-time, tailored coastal forecasts for sea users

Projet en cours

Project leader Actimar
Industrials partners Littoralis, SFR
Research partners IFREMER, Meteo France, SHOM
Budget 3 069 K€
Cofinanceur publics French Interministerial Single Fund and PACA and Bretagne local authorities
Year of labeling 2007 – Joint Certification by Pôle Mer Bretagne
Year of co-financing 2008

The project has enabled the development of new operational products and services:

  • Products dedicated to navigation: operational of weather and sea state forecasts with applications for shipping companies and offshore operators.
  • Products dedicated to macro-waste:
    • Development and deployment of an operation system for the tracking of macro waste
    • Implementation of statistical tools for the optimisation of zoning services and depollution of mooring points
    • a portal for on-demand forecasting of the trajectory of floating macro waste along the coastline of the PACA region.
  • Products dedicated to offshore work:
    • Operational analysis service and long term monitoring of marine sediment disposal sites
    • Application for monitoring hydro-sedimentary processes
  • Products dedicated to the quality of coastal waters: real-time management of health risks in coastal waters

Implementation of pilot schemes in France, on the Atlantic-Channel coasts and across PACA for various types of clients for the validation of products.