Recharge and active management of Coastal aquifers

Projet terminé

Industrials partners ACRI In, Imageau
Research partners BRGM, Géosciences Montpellier
Budget 1 405 K€
Cofinanceur publics Self-funded Project
Year of labeling 2006
Year of co-financing 2008

The over-exploitation of groundwater, related to population density and numerous tourists, is a topic that is particularly relevant to the Mediterranean basin, where some sites are already faced with both a resource shortage and salt water contamination. Indeed, the decrease in the level of coastal groundwater tends to allow the increase in the intermediate zone of salinity which acts as the interface between the coastal groundwater and the sea, global warming is an aggravating factor in this phenomenon.

The REGAL Project – Recharge and active management of coastal aquifers – aims to provide a response at two levels: through the modelling of the groundwater and area of intermediate salinity in order to provide an active management tool to the resource manager and by the injection of treated water at the edge of the area of intermediate salinity to form a hydraulic barrier to prevent the intrusion of sea water.

Eventually, the network of some 13,000 treatment plants could be taken advantage of to control the artificial recharge of groundwater