Underwater exploration systems

Projet terminé

Project leader ALSEAMAR (ex ACSA)
Industrials partners ACRI IN, ACRI ST
Research partners IFREMER, LEPI - USTV, LOV - Observatoire Océanologique de Villefranche, Centre d'Oceanologie de Marseille
Budget 3 948 K€
Cofinanceur publics French Interministerial Single Fund and PACA Regional Authorities
Year of labeling 2006
Year of co-financing 2007

Sea Explorer

The SEA EXPLORER project aims to develop "gliders", small unmanned devices powered by gravity and cyclical ballasting.

These devices are dedicated to the exploration of the underwater environment, providing on site measurement of physical (current, temperature) and biogeochemical (salinity, concentrations of certain constituents, etc.) parameters. One of the projected uses of these "gliders" will be to monitor the impact of urban (Urban Community of Marseille) wastewater discharges on micro-organisms in a marine environment. These devices can also be used for maritime surveillance missions.

There are multiple benefits from this project, the product is now marketed by ALSEAMAR and other projects are developing as a result of it.