Ocean exploration vessel and shared floating underwater observation platform

Projet en recherche de financement

Project leader Rougerie
Industrials partners COMEX, D2M, SEMANTIC TS, Oceanide, PRINCIPIA SAS, Mauric Bureau d'Etudes
Research partners Ecole Centrale Marseille
Budget 1 200 K€
Year of labeling 2008

The completion of the first stage of the feasibility study has already been prepared through: analysis of the project system, a report on project management (DCNS / Technip), an inventory of residual concerns, an inventory of actions to be taken, research into construction solutions and an economic approach.

The implementation of the second phase of technical studies is based on existing studies, notably into navigability and sea worthiness: definitions of technological choices, validation of general technical principles, refining structure calculations, study of design options and eco-construction to facilitate the creation of the vessel and determining the reference price, and this prior to its sea launch to already identified markets.

The concept and design of SEAORBITER are characterized by a combination of innovative high technology for both the above water part and the submerged part, allowing for a combination of often unique tools and observation spaces and giving a glimpse of the new opportunities for discoveries in the marine environment.

The platform will integrate the latest innovations in renewable energy and will serve as a mobile test laboratory for all experimental protocols in this area including prototype testing.