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Projet en recherche de financement

Project leader Virtual Dive
Industrials partners Semantic TS
Research partners IBISC/Evry, ANTINEA, Port Cros
Budget 1 120 K€
Year of labeling 2009

This project uses the Oceanyd software developed in the DIGITAL OCEAN project

The project objective is to allow a person connected to the internet, either by pc, laptop or mobile phone to choose from a catalogue, at any time, an underwater site where he wishes to dive, select a dive route, choose a dive instructor or a specialist scientist to accompany him and dive exactly into the reconstructed virtual site with interactive 3D graphics. These images are created by collecting acoustic measurements and habitat information, geo-referenced photos and videos and through a collaborative editing process.

With the use of mini-robots such as ROVs equipped with video cameras and the development of techniques for mixed and augmented reality, this virtual dive will happen in the near future, in real time.