PACA Regional Council with APRF

Projet en cours

Project leader ACSA - ALSEAMAR
Industrials partners ACRI IN, ACRI ST
Research partners Ifremer, IFREMER, UPMC/CNRS (OOV/LOV), Unimed/CNRS (COM), CEDRE
Budget 3 303 K€
Cofinanceur publics DGCIS - Eco Industries call for projects
Year of labeling 2009 – Joint Certification by Pôle Risques
Year of co-financing 2009

The VASQUE project aims to develop a hybrid underwater vehicle (glider equipped with low-thrust propulsion) dedicated to coastal activities in shallow waters.

This machine will be equipped with special sensors for measuring water quality and can communicate with the land through a relay buoy confirming its position. The project will complement the VASQUE range of SEA EXPLORER type gliders.

It will have multiple applications:

  • Continuous instrumentation for a coastal area:
    • The vehicle will travel continuously up and down a predetermined area, and a relay buoy will transmit an indicator of environmental quality.
    • The vehicle will be recovered every 15 days or a month (depending on the type of sensor used) for battery recharging, and to download the entire raw data recorded during the operation. With this configuration, the buoys are anchored to a fixed point, and are equipped with GSM communication relays.
  • Continuous instrumentation or environmental inspection from offshore platforms
    • The device is positioned relative to an acoustic transmitter placed on the structure (platform or FPSO), which replaces the buoys mentioned above
    • Similarly, the device will transmit acoustically an indicator of the quality of the environment, and / or send an alert in case of detection of a specific substance
  • Detection of pollution after shipwreck: In case of the sinking of a ship carrying hazardous materials, the machine can be easily transported on site (it is small in size and weight), and used both to locate the wreckage equipped with a "black box" type transponder and to navigate around the wreck in order to give the alarm in case of detection of a French Interministerial Single Fund listed hazardous material.