Feedback on Artificial Reefs

Projet en cours

Project leader IN VIVO
Industrials partners RCA, CCI Fécamp-Bolbec, CRPMEM Haute Normandie
Research partners CREM, CEFREM (CNRS / UPVD)
Budget 370 K€
Cofinanceur publics Phase 1 : Autofinancement
Year of labeling 2012 - Colabellisé avec le Pôle Mer Bretagne
Year of co-financing 2012


The XPRA project proposes to study and validate the concept of artificial reefs charged with fish production ensuring the strength and stability of structures under the specific hydrodynamic conditions of the English Channel. It will be implemented in close collaboration with professional fishermen throughout different stages of the process. The goal is to remove the technological and scientific barriers associated with the immersion of artificial reefs in this particular context with the aim of making use of the methods developed in the context of submerged artificial reefs used in offshore wind farms.

The XPRA project includes a study of the stability of the blocks with prototyping, testing in wave simulators and digital simulation as well as structural analysis of concrete blocks. Blocks will then be manufactured and installed in chaotic clusters at a test site off Fécamp. A further study on squid spawning supports will be carried out. Biological monitoring of reefs and fish populations will be completed on different modules. A comparison with similar projects in Morocco and Portugal will be made. Ifremer will participate in the steering committee and provide scientific advice on monitoring protocols.