France Energies Marines

Projet en cours

Budget 130 000 K€
Year of labeling 2011 - Colabellisé par le Pôle Mer Bretagne et le Pôle CapEnergies
Year of co-financing 2012 - ANR dans le cadre des Investissements d'Avenir

France Energies Marines.jpg

When it comes to renewable marine energy, France has vast natural potential, both in France itself and its overseas territories, to contribute to the energy demand on the mainland and island shores. This potential is coupled with a strong industrial and scientific base in maritime and energy sectors, which can take up these economic challenges by developing a sector that creates jobs, and be able to take the lead in this global market. FRANCE ENERGIES MARINES embodies the willingness expressed by the State in 2009 to create a national technology platform for renewable marine energy, to support this objective.

FRANCE ENERGIES MARINES is a dynamic partnership which was built around marine demonstration projects for various types of energy developments, as well as prospective steps taken to identify market developments, technological barriers, criteria for environmental inclusion and compatibility.

FRANCE ENERGIES MARINES focuses on three interactive areas of activity:

  • Research and development dedicated to Renewable Marine Energy
  • Test sites and validation of demonstration models,
  • Training and Resource Centre.

FRANCE ENERGIES MARINES will conduct its own research for the mutual benefit of its partners; it will lead more focused collaborative programmes and propose services to the entire industry, by establishing a code of intellectual property facilitating the transfer of technologies.

Partenaires privés : ALSTOM, AREVA, Bretagne Developpement Innovation, BV, CERENIS, CERVAL, DCNS, EDF, EDF EN, Energie de la Lune, FREYQSSINET, GEOCEAN, HydroCap,  IX BLUE, Le Gaz Integral, La Compagnie du Vent, Mixener, Nass&Wind, NENUPHAR, NEOTEK, OCEANIDE, OPEN OCEAN, SABELLA, SBM, STX, TECHNIP, VALOREM, VEOLIA Environnement, Pôle Mer Paca, Pôle Mer Bretagne, Pôle Capenergies

Partenaires publics : CEA, CETMEF, CNRS, ECN, EN, ENS Cachan, ENSTA Bretagne, IFP EN, IFREMER, IFSSTTAR, IRPHE, UBO