Improved capability for near seabed navigation for AUVs

This project involves the study and development of technologies and associated methodologies to increase the capability of AUVs near the seabed with consistent levels of reliability and security.

Projet en recherche de financement

Project leader ECA
Research partners IFREMER
Budget 256 K€
Year of labeling 2006

The project includes a section dealing with instrumentation and another with methodological development (data processing).

The types of sensors which are most relevant and appropriate to meet the levels of performance and accuracy required to integrate and interpret their data in an on-board feedback loop will be investigated. "Bottom-tracker" type systems are the primary concern and the (eventual) development of dedicated equipment may be considered after further study and analysis of existing systems.

The data processing aspects (based on advanced techniques of signal processing) will be mainly discussed in the specification sheet (strong constraints of data processing in real time). The simulated validation of concepts will be instigated with the ultimate goal being a scale validation in real situations.

To achieve the objectives outlined above, the project partners have developed a working programme based on the following approach:

  • Investigation of the most relevant and best adapted sensors.
  • Design algorithms for command and control systems for a profile monitoring task.
  • Integration algorithms for filtering and fusion of multi-sensor data.
  • Integration sensors, trials on AsterX (5 days).