Testing fuel cells for unmanned underwater vehicles

Projet terminé

Project leader HELION
Industrials partners Helion, ECA, Cybernetix, SNPE
Research partners IFREMER, CRC - Ecole des Mines
Budget 4 314 K€
Cofinanceur publics ANR
Year of labeling Phase 1 : 2005 (budget 1 438K€) - Phase 2 : 2007 (budget 2 876K€) - Joint certification by Pôle CapEnergies
Year of co-financing Phase 1 : 2005 - Phase 2 : 2007

The PAC SM project's main objective is to design, develop and test PEMFC hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell systems for unmanned underwater vehicles.

The campaign, conducted on board the Castor (Ifremer) in 2009 off the coast of Toulon, has demonstrated AUV navigation with an anaerobic fuel cell developed by the Helion company.

The dives confirmed the energy capacity provided by the fuel cell, and the feasibility of management and handling of the battery in terms of safety.