ROV - 3D

Optical and 3D Visualisation Records

Projet en cours

Project leader COMEX
Industrials partners SETP
Research partners Laboratoire LSIS
Budget 3 196 K€
Cofinanceur publics FUI, FEDER et Collectivités territoriales PACA
Year of labeling 2010
Year of co-financing 2010


The ROV-3D project proposes the development of innovative tools combining underwater photogrammetry and acoustic measurements from an active underwater sensor. The underwater sites results will be recorded in high resolution 3D. New means and methods to be developed are intended to reduce the on-site investigation time, and to provide comprehensive and non-intrusive measurement tools for the environment being studied.

Two industrial tools are used in this project: high frequency 3D sonar, produced by BlueView, and Zscan photogrammetry software, developed by Menci. These two industrial tools will be integrated into LSIS photogrammetry to produce 3D models going beyond the classic DTM (Digital Terrain Model), and able to handle the vertical walls, overhangs, caves and other natural or artificial cavities.

In addition to this, real time 3D visualization algorithms are developed taking into account different types of outputs (orthophoto mosaic, 3D GIS) and a set of tools for image processing and pattern recognition.

The use of this tool will allow for a qualitative and quantitative leap in the acquisition and exploitation of data which will be clearly referenced in space and time. It will facilitate the study, the management and monitoring of submerged structures, the study of coastal and offshore facilities, as well as the monitoring of underwater natural and cultural heritage.