Active inspection of underwater pipeline by AUV

Projet en recherche de financement

Project leader ECA
Industrials partners Stolt
Research partners IFREMER
Budget 718 K€
Year of labeling 2006

This project aims to provide new and additional functions over and above the existing suite of features of automatic tracking of vertical or horizontal offshore conduits.

The most wanted functions are the following:

  • A real time system reaction function based on detection an anomaly by the pipeline monitoring sensors such as: suspended pipeline, the presence of corrosion, debris, non-continuity of the characteristic shape of the pipeline etc. A series of pre-programmed typical underwater manoeuvres of the vehicle (ROV, AUV) based on the detected anomaly would then automatically commence in order to retrieve further data about the detected anomaly.
  • Indexing and geo-referencing of all data and acoustic and optical images post operationally to provide easily exploitable information in identifying defects (interactive editing tools, data fusion maps, sound, video, transverse and longitudinal profiles, time markers) and their specific referencing
  • Treatment by segment and automatic fault research in order to strengthen the quality of the monitoring.

Once brought to the surface (ROV) solutions developed in this way will be used for data mining purposes or stored in the vehicle and examined at a later date (AUV).