Technological building blocks for underwater robotic systems such as Hybrid ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles)

Projet en recherche de financement

Project leader ECA
Industrials partners OSEAN
Research partners CNRS , IFREMER
Budget 4 309 K€
Year of labeling 2010


This project aims to develop key innovative technology for a new generation of "compact" and "hybrid" underwater inspection and intervention vehicles (embedded energy and remote control in autonomous mode or via a micro cable) for a wide range of submersion operations (from 100m to 3000m). It will offer a new range of, versatile vehicles with optimised operation costs for an expanded offshore market, the military and for oceanographic purposes.

The components of this TECH-HROV project will contribute to the partner based industrial development of a complete HROV machine characterized by an easy deployment from ordinary ships which are not necessarily equipped with dynamic positioning system or dedicated launch systems. The ultimate goal is to provide a battery powered HROV, remotely operated through a micro-fibre optic cable "managed in deep waters", whose OPEX (operating expenditure) will be optimized compared to existing systems. Technology will be designed for compactness and low energy consumption and with a management system via micro-cable for ROV type missions.

The HROV-TECH project will follow through to the integration of subsystems into an existing ROV type vehicle (Ifremer’s Vortex), which will be made available by Ifremer for functional skill testing in pools and at sea (CNRS).

The HROV-TECH project targets several types of use:

  • Integration of technology components into the HROV’s hybrid robotics systems where operational costs will be much lower than current ROVs.
  • Integration into existing ECA systems: mine clearing robots, ALISTAR type autonomous systems. ECA is very well positioned in this market as global leader in remotely operated military vehicles for mine warfare.
  • Integration into systems where low power consumption is critical, e.g. underwater measuring stations
  • Marketing of individual sub-systems.