An Embedded Hybrid Fuel Cell Application

Projet en cours

Project affiliated to:
Project leader HELION
Industrials partners Mettle, ECT, Eurocopter
Research partners ARMINES
Budget 4 300 K€
Cofinanceur publics FUI (Single Interministerial Fund) & PACA regional authorities
Year of labeling 2008 - Joint Certification by par les Pôles Capernergies et Pégase
Year of co-financing 2008 - Single Interministerial Fund & PACA regional authorities

The project concerns the development of embedded hybrid fuel cell systems used in APUs (Auxiliary Power Unit, a device that provides energy for functions other than propulsion) for yachts or as the main energy supply for the auxiliary propulsion system on yachts. Fuel cells are now often referred to as an environmentally friendly viable power solution. There are many experiments in land based transport, mainly on the initiative of leading automobile manufacturers. However aeronautics and naval manufacturers have fallen behind in this field, even though their markets are often pioneering ones and represent very interesting technical and commercial application possibilities in the short-term. The aim of the project is therefore to open up market application possibilities in the short term.