Projet en recherche de financement

Project affiliated to:
Project leader K-EPSILON
Industrials partners Mer et Design, Rivoyre Ingénierie
Research partners Supméca (LISMMA)
Budget 2 700 K€
Year of labeling 2012


CISDO is a project that aims to develop a collaborative software tool based on innovative, iterative and automated processes to improve the overall environmental performance by analysing the life cycle of vessels of less than 35 metres (passenger shuttles, freighters, fishing boats, yachts, ...), whilst at the same time assessing the costs associated with this same life cycle: construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning.

This simulator will allow the combination of several types of hulls, propulsion, storage and production of energy on board in order to design a viable project ship. The proposed technologies will include conventional ones (diesel engine) but also innovative ones (electric motor, heat pump, Mat L, Kite, compressed air ...) as well as ones not widely available.

The purpose of the project is to allow ship owners, through use of the CISDO simulator, to profitably integrate the technological and organizational options best suited to their needs, as well as those options more compatible with sustainable development and the most innovative ones.