Creation of a digital boating pass

Design, develop and implement an international standard for the exchange of digital data, revolutionizing and facilitating relations between marinas and boaters.

The general purpose of this project is to create a European standard for data exchange, and thereby facilitate relations between ports and boaters.

The digital leisure boating pass at the heart of the MARINA PASS technology will allow for an automated registering procedure for leisure boats arriving at a marina.

It will also provide multi-service support access to the port infrastructure (water points, pontoons, toilet facilities, showers, parking ...) and a link to local events (as a communication vehicle for the promotion of the activities of the port, the city or the region)

It is firmly stating its place at the centre of global technology:

  • MarinaPass Boat technology: UHF tags at the entrance to the harbour and RFID tags (microtransponders) on the boats
  • Near field communication (NFC), the new generation of mobile telephones.

Porteur du projet
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Newsteo, Datacom SYS
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ENST, USTV (L2MP) - Avec le soutien de la FFPP (Fédération Française des Ports de Plaisance) et d'Euromarina (Fédération Européenne des ports de plaisance)
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