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Mobile Technology Leisure PASS


Over and above their expectations in terms of infrastructure, different marina users also express expectations of levels of service. Leisure boaters in particular require "actual" cost billing of consumables and traceability of specific costs to the port used, on the other hand the marina manager want to secure and control access, with the inevitable consequence of an overhaul of the billing system for leisure boaters (fixed billing + billing of consumables).

PORTPASS proposes the development and trial of a real solution based on the new uses and services offered by mobile telephony, especially with the addition of embedded NFC technology (Near Field Communication) to take advantage of the tremendous development of this technology.

Porteur du projet
Partenaires industriels
ORANGE, Alizée Software, SELLOR
Partenaires recherche
TELECOM Bretagne
290 K€
Année de labellisation
2012 - Joint Certification by Pôle Mer Bretagne