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Global Studies into the conversion and storage of energy in microalgae

Some microalgae are capable of producing high-energy molecules (hydrogen or lipids) used for the production of biofuels.

The ALGOMICS project's goal is to remove the biological barriers limiting production capacity of these microorganisms, by borrowing from the concepts required for expert control of the process of conversion and storage of solar energy.

To do this, a thorough understanding of the metabolism based on the development of a systems biology approach will be used to identify key regulatory elements involved in the regulation of energy metabolism. A major ambition of the ALGOMICS project is to build a highly integrated network of leading laboratories specialising in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, fluxomics, genetics, physiology and engineering processes necessary for an overall understanding of the system.

A model of molecular interactions occurring during the storage process will be built, tested and validated. These various elements will be used with the aim of identifying the regulatory elements (metabolites, genes,) and to propose innovative improvement strategies for biodiesel production.

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CEA Cadarache
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CEA Grenoble, GENOSCOPE, IBPC Paris, INSA Toulouse, CEA Cadarache
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