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Biodiversity monitoring of post-larval fish in the Western Mediterranean

The SUBLIMO project focuses on marine biodiversity, and more specifically on coastal actinopterygian fish species (scorpion fish, triggerfish, barracuda, salmon, grouper) in an area including the Golfe du Lion, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and part of Corsica. SUBLIMO seeks to identify what species of fish (and how many) return to colonize coastal habitats, and thus feed and renew existing populations.

Indeed, if the number of post-larval fish is not sufficient, the population may not be renewed. Tangible methods in this field will be set in action to counteract these losses by repopulating the environment with pre-fattened juveniles likely to become adults, and thus to perpetuate the species. The project’s areas of interest cover all marine populations.

The actions anticipated in the SUBLIMO project are both for demonstration and innovation purposes, and incorporate research elements. These actions aim to protect, conserve, restore, monitor and facilitate the functioning of natural systems and of the wild flora and fauna, in order to halt the loss of marine biodiversity, in accordance with European and national commitments (Marine Environment strategy Framework Directive).

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