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Reintroduction of scallops into the Mediterranean

This project is a programme aiming to establish a breeding protocol for scallops in the Mediterranean (pecten jacobeus). This protocol may be patented and used for the production of baby scallops (spat). It will then be possible to produce them and therefore provide them to farmers for development of this sector.

It is a further development on the work done by the IFREMER environment resource laboratory which:

  • Made a report on previous work in the Mediterranean (inconclusive tests on pecten maximus, reproduction tests launched by SARMAR (Leucate) unfinished as they were not a priority),
  • Make recommendations:
    • Develop an experimental programme on the pecten jacobeus to ensure control of production and the development of a breeding protocol for larval and post-larval stages
    • Develop an experimental hatchery with quarantine facilities
    • Work on the zootechnics of growth (transport of the spat, pre-growing and growing out phase)
  • Took note of the high professional interest in the region for diversification into this top end product.

This project aims to:

  • Adapt reproduction protocols already in place in the Atlantic species or existing for other Mediterranean species
  • Conduct pre-growth test in pools and in the sea

This project will build on existing structures (seaweed farms, Dentech experimental farm, and marine fish farming) or create new ones (hatcheries, stock ponds and larval and post-larval nursery ponds, production rooms for large volumes of seaweed).

This project will lead to the creation of a pilot hatchery for scallop reproduction.

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