Sea and coastal environment services

Water management at the heart of coastal area challenges Due to a high concentration of human and maritime activities, coastal areas are exposed to the most common marine challenges, especially in the Mediterranean due to geographic, economic, political, biological and energy features.

A global approach for a segmented area of operation

A global approach to water management in the coastal area has lead to breaking down management problems as follows :

  • Mastering pollution risks linked to human activities
  • Coastal water quality for vital economic activities
  • Management of different types of resources and needs
  • Respect of the environment in infrastructure development
  • The impact of climate changes on the coastal area (coastal erosion).

Technological innovation faced to challenges

The keys to innovation are based on :

  • Scientific research in marine biology and chemistry
  • Qualification of « ecological standards » for the marine coastal areas
  • Fresh water management (natural and desalinated)
  • Processing of sediments and macro-waste treatment.

Strategic challenges include :

  • Limit negative impacts on resources to preserve them in quality and quantity
  • Management optimisation between resources and needs
  • Mastery of multiple economic activities on the coast.

Market potentials proportional to economic and ecological ambitions

The market for water management is certain to expand seeing that coastal underground water resources are currently overexploited by excessive urbanism.
The desalinisation market is also experiencing strong growth due to increasing rarity of fresh water resources on the coast. Furthermore, coastal water quality requirements are increasingly stricter as a result of new regulatory standards and the development of tourism.

Referent territorial industrialists and scientists

Pôle Mer Méditerranée represents a dozen businesses committed to water management in coastal areas including Véolia, Suez, world leaders and specialized engineering offices : EGIS, BRL, Acri, Eramm, G2C-Environnement…The PACA region houses several research laboratories specialized in the monitoring and enhancement of coastal resources: Ifremer, Oceanologic Centre of Marseille, Oceanographic Observatory of Villefranche-sur-Mer, BRGM, Cerege…

Les projets les plus récents

Etat du projet : En recherche de financement En cours Terminé


Porteur du projet : SUEZ CONSULTING


Porteur du projet : NAVAL GROUP


Porteur du projet : EGIS


Porteur du projet : SM2 Solutions Marines


Porteur du projet : ECOCEAN


Porteur du projet : SM2 Solutions Marines


Le projet visait à reconstituer les stocks de pêche sur le littoral héraultais.


Porteur du projet : Pôle Mer Méditerranée / TVT Innovation