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Automated device for selective quantification of micro-organisms


The FISHBOX project will automate the TSA-FISH molecular biology technique (Tyramide Signal Amplification-In Situ Hybridization) and will be coupled to an epifluorescence microscope allowing observation and quantification of micro-organisms specifically marked by a fluorescent molecular probe.

The project will be conducted in three phases:

Phase 1: Functional specifications and system architecture. The consortium includes a user committee taken from both industry and research, which is responsible for analysis assignments on behalf of the state, or local government or private companies (seawater, freshwater, air) that will facilitate the design of a system to meet the specific needs of this field.

Phase 2: This phase is divided into two parallel paths:

  • Development and integration of the automated FISHBOX
  • Development of FISH molecular probes corresponding to the requirements of the user committee

Phase 3: Testing and validation over a period of 12 months (minimum) of the FISHBOX package on networks and measuring stations run by the user committee which will be joined by the REPHY Ifremer network (outsourcing partner of the consortium).

At the end of phase 3, the consortium will organize a workshop to present the results from this period, and similarly, the research partners will publish the results of their work developing new specific molecular probes.

Porteur du projet
CHRISAR Software Technologies
Partenaires industriels
Partenaires recherche
IRD, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris, Université de Rennes 1
2 500 K€
Cofinanceurs publics
FUI et Collectivités territoriales
Année de labellisation
2008 - Colabellisé avec le Pôle Optitec
Année de cofinancement