Deep offshore

Fossil energy resources in deep sea-bed The increased demand of fossil energy resources coupled with an international dimension and productivity challenges can not be underestimated. Consequently, the whole sector is investing in R&D efforts to support offshore deep oil and gas activities.

The whole channel covered in the area of operation

This programme covers R&D activities in connection with the systems required to access offshore fossil energy sources, from design through setup, operation and decommissioning : deposits, rigs, equipments, …

Technological innovation faces challenges

The keys to innovation are based on :

  • The design of architectures and components under extreme environment
  • Real-time monitoring and subsea robotics exploration
  • Exploitation related to processing, storing and transfer
  • Maintenance inspection and equipment repair capabilities.

Strategic challenges include :

  • Environmental impact limitation
  • Identification of new oilfields
  • Mastering complex production systems in deep sea.

Market potentials

50% of R & D projects focusing on technological solutions for deep offshore exploitation is undertaken by «large contractors» and the remaining 50% by a number of SMEs mainly involved in products with high added value.
Main markets targeted include : engineering, exploration and intervention robotics and environmental management.

Territorial resources and strengths

The PACA region has long benefited from many sources of expertise in deep offshore operations including internationallyreputed groups (Principia, Eca,
IxSea, Oceanide/Doris, Geocean, Cybernetix, ACSA), innovative SMEs (D2M, Subsea Tech, EMC3) and a network of research centres (ISITV/USTV, Ifremer, École Centrale of Marseille).Pôle Mer PACA is supporting the creation of the Test Centre for deep sea expertise (CEEMP) which will contribute to underline the territorial competence.

Les projets les plus récents

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