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Underwater incendiary cutting torch for offshore depths

Underwater interventions in great depths (1,000-6,000 m) are conducted with manned or unmanned underwater vehicles. These devices mainly support observation and measurement missions and perform some physical interventions with remotely-manipulated arms.

These physical interventions require specialized tools such as cutters which can cut cables, halyards, elements of mechanical structures for subsea installations, or exploring and evaluating ancient wrecks or wrecks after an accident.

Cutters already on the market are mainly electrical, hydraulic or incendiary, the first two being multi-purpose but slow and cumbersome, the latter being lightweight and powerful but single use.

The project objective is to develop an incendiary cutting tool suitable for great depths and multi-use (OPMC), combining all the advantages of existing products. This tool will act as a technical building block for the development of other complementary functions such as nailing, unscrewing, crimping, etc.

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